About us

FEM MGID is a project from the MGID team aimed at a female audience. Since being founded, our task has been to provide high levels of satisfaction and entertainment by producing interesting news and shopping experiences for women. On the other hand we’re dedicated to helping female-oriented advertisers and publishers succeed by providing them with stellar advertising options. We offer:

  • a new and powerful way to advertise products, services and website content
  • the world largest audience development network of premium publishers
  • quality content, traffic and visitors

Our network is growing every day

By uniting quality publishers and focusing on the very best content on the web, Fem MGID now attracts over 10 million unique visitors every month. Our network already unites hundreds of partner websites and is now heading towards new achievements and levels of growth. Further details and instructions for publishers and advertisers can be found here. You'll enjoy numerous advantages realized through our mutual partnership!  Fem MGID welcomes you!